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Play a melody!

Music can change your life and can change the world. A single simple melody can speak to the soul of millions of people.

Play a melody every day! You can play these simple melodies alone, or together with your friends or with your family. They can be played with any instrument or even sung if you like.

Normally they sounds spontaneously in my mind and my task is to try to bring them on a piece of paper. Normally I give them as name the date when they where born. So they are something unique and you can find them only here.

I feel happy if I hear somebody playing them!

Just download the PDF now and start playing or singing. They are for free!

If you would like to get them transposed or adapted for you instrument, if you want a melody just exclusively written for you or if you just want to support my activity, please subscribe a monthly Abonnement starting at 2€ on Patreon!

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